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The Kinsmen are a Dynamic Volunteer Organization Enriching our Communities through Service while Embracing National Pride, Positive Values, Personal Development and Lasting Friendships.


Celebrating 90 Years in Calgary
Serving the Community's Greatest Need

Over $3.2 million re-invested with projects and organizations over the last 14 years.


Historical Funding Contributions

Total contributions back into the community by the Kinsmen Club of Calgary.

This includes funding of various projects and organizations within Calgary and surrounding area and national organizations.
Including member donations and small community projects and contributions.

Over $3.2 million re-invested over the last 14 years.

Next KCC General

  • Thu. Sep. 3rd, 2015
    5:30pm to 9:30pm

    Calgary Marlborough Community Centre, 636 Marlborough Way NE

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Summertime Break

Thanks to all that help out at the Wheels event at the Stampede and to everyone who put in some time through out the year volunteering.

The Kinsmen Club of Calgary take a little break during the summertime to re-charge and play with family. - Back in September.

Come September we have a number of upcoming activities where the public can get involved and help out or just learn a little more about the Kinsmen Club of Calgary.

Edgemont Playground Work Party

Join us from Wednesday August 26th through to Saturday August 29th for the installation of a new playground at John Laurie Park (right next to intersection of John Laurie Blvd and Edgemont Drive NW). 

To sign up or get further information contact edgemontplays@gmail.com

Services Delivered

Kinsmen Wheels - Calgary Stampede 2015

Thank You Calgary for your continued support to the community....
by the no's: 1268 volunteers, 9278 serv hrs 1.26 mil raised, 6 winners....community impact

Camp Horizon 50th Anniversary

We all had a GREAT time Celebrating 50 Year of Camp Horizon.
Many Campers / Volunteers / Sponsors / Staff - Both old and new were on-hand to rejoice and reminisce.

90th Anniversary Gala

We held a Celebration at Heritage Park's Gasoline Alley and most everyone had a great time meeting up, and reminiscing with old friends.

Catherine Ford - emcee, With scheduled words from Mac James, John Huggett, Keith Hodgson and Russell Kane.

Saturday May 9th, 2015 - 6:00pm to 10:00pm


History - Kinsmen Club of Calgary


(Excerpt from Galaxy of Gold (1979))

One day in last November, 1924, two friends met on a busy street in Calgary. Jack Gifford, who was visiting from Vancouver, began to tell John Ross about a new service club for young men. So enthusiastic was the young Vancouverite about this new organization, the aims of which were to promote fellowship among young businessmen between the ages of 21 and 40, that John Ross began to investigate the feasibility of a similar club in Calgary.

The following excerpt written in the language of Manley Edwards is taken from The March of Kin, published by Frank Allison in 1930:

History - Stampede City Kinsmen

Stampede City

(Excerpt from Galaxy of Gold (1979))

History Number 1 (Al Black version)

The Stampede City club was chartered April 19, 1964 with sixteen charter members. The nucleus of this new club had come from a group known as the Jolly Fellows. With the intention of gaining notoriety as quickly as possible, the club concocted a little entertainment for the delegates attending the National Convention in Banff. A goose was released in the swimming pool of a local motel and after numerous complaints from hotel guests, National Parks personnel (for heaven’s sake) had to be called in to capture the honker.

History - Foothills City Kinsmen

Foothills City

(Excerpt from Galaxy of Gold (1979))

(This club is no longer operational)

On January 12, 1974, Calgary’s third Kinsmen club, the Kinsmen Club of Foothills City, was chartered at the Kinsmen Centre in Stampede Park. Organizational meetings, under charter chairman Erin Kitzul, together with Bill Strand of the Stampede City club, and John Glans and Dave Sharpe from the Calgary club, were held beginning in May of 1973.

Funds Delivered

Kinsmen Wheels - Calgary Stampede 2015

Thank You Calgary for your continued support to the community....
by the no's: 1268 volunteers, 9278 serv hrs 1.26 mil raised, 6 winners....community impact

Great Strides Walk 2015

Please consider joining Matt Mahon at Calgary’s Great Strides Walk on May 31st at North Glenmore Park. It would be great to have you join Team Kin and fundraise. If you can’t make it  - Donate!

We did it together again Calgary.... Team Kin generated $16,865  in 2015 going towards Cystic fibrosis (CF).  Well done! Well done!


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