Lighten up Calgary - Christmas Lights

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             2011 Winners Are....

The Christmas season is now over. The lights are all down after a long day’s work. Now it is time to announce the winners of the Lighten up Calgary Contest.

There were some really great display’s to choose from, it made every judges job difficult to decide who should be awarded the with the best display.

We had two categories, one being static displays and the second being animated. Starting with the static category, the display called Jersey was first place. The judges really like their use of clean lines. In second place was the Osmand display, while in third place was the display of Nateman.

The Judges had a tough time with the animated category with six contestants to choose from all doing a wonderful job. After reviewing the six entries video’s we narrowed it down to the top three. The third place display in the animated category goes to the display of Christmas can can, the judges like the use of humor and the timing to the music was done really well. The second place display was the Bain family lights, the singing snowman and the light columns were a nice touch. Taking the first place was the display of The Spirit of Erinwoods, This display had 40,000 lights and one of the largest light fans that the judges had ever seen. If you misses seeing the displays click on over to and have a look at all the displays in the entries tab.To view the first place winner click the you tube link below and see it for yourself.

We would like to thank all of the participants for taking the time to sign up for the contest and hope that everyone returns next year, with need I say bigger displays.