Contribution Back into the Community of Calgary and Surrounding Area of $385,000.00 - In 2023


The Kinsmen Club of Calgary is proud to announce....For yet another exceptional year in 2023.

Contributions of $385,000.00 have been allocated to a variety of projects being run by various charities in Calgary and surrounding area during 2023.

Thank you Calgary for your support and your help volunteering to make this happen!

The Major Projects night was held again this year for 2023 and ended up with the General Membership of the Kinsmen Club of Calgary distributing a total of $385,000.00 in contributions to a number of charitable organizations within Calgary and the surrounding area for very worthwhile projects.

Once again living up to the Kinsmen motto of "Serving the Community's Greatest Need"

The Kinsmen Club of Calgary will continue to be involved in the community with a variety of lessor contributions and a number of "Service Projects" through out the rest of the year.

Much of the fundraising to make this happen occurs with your support of our "Kinsmen Million" lottery ticket sales during the Calgary Stampede each year.