Kinsmen Match funds to the Red Cross -> Alberta Fires Appeal

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Thank You Calgary. Together, with your support and generosity we we able to support the Red Cross with a donation of $8,850. 
When matched by Gov. of Canada and Alberta Gov., we were able to ADD $26,550 to the Alberta Fires Appeal Fund.

This initiative is now Closed (2016.06.01) But more to come in the future.

Below is how we did help and the campaign make-up.

Individual Donations made to the Kinsmen Club of Calgary Foundation -> Directed to the Canadian Red Cross - Alberta Fires Appeal
(Donation Receipt (Tax Receipt) provided for donations $25.00 or greater)

Will be Matched Dollar for Dollar by the Kinsmen Club of Calgary for the first $10,000.

This means for every $1.00 you donate, your effective contribution will be $3.00.

Your $1, Plus Kinsmen's $1, Plus Government of Canada's $1.
(The Alberta Government's matching commitment may be maxed out, OR Plus  $1)

What a great way to leverage your contribution even more.       

Kinsmen Club of Calgary - Serving the Community's Greatest Need

If you need additional information, please email

Kinsmen Club of Calgary Foundation website is:

Total Donations Matched are:  $4,425.00


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