Park Maps

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VOLUNTEER_CENTRAL.gifOnce you have booked your shifts we will send your passes one of two ways:

1. Groups. Contact your coordinator for your passes.

2. Individuals will recieve passes in the mail starting June 24th. Please e-mail us if you have not recieved them by the end of June. If you can't make your shift please call us during Stampede at 403-265-4595. As we pay for the passes we would appreciate getting them back if you are unable to make your shift

The maps below will help guide you through the park to our offices. Please click on them if you wish to download a copy. 

Use your pass and go through one of the gates and make your way to the Big Four building.

2018 PARK MAP click to Open as pdf - once downloaded you can click on many places on the document and a picture or google map will open to show you where you are.