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The following excerpt written in the language of Manley Edwards is taken from The March of Kin, published by Frank Allison in 1930:

“Say Manley, would you be interested in forming a service club? It was these words that John Howard Ross accosted me with. As a young, recently married lawyer, to whom street car tickets were a luxury, I lost no time in telling John that I was in no position to entertain any thought of joining any such club, embellished I fear by some small epithets re the modus operandi of those so called community benefactors. A few weeks later John Ross introduced myself and Jerry Ferguson to Herman MacWhinney, who explained the origin, development and operation of the Kinsmen Clubs. I remember well the meeting in Marsh Porter’s office one night when Harold Millican, Tommy Collinge, Marsh Porter, Jerry Ferguson, John Ross and I met and discussed the prospects of forming a club. And so, on the 18 day of December, 1924, at the Tea Kettle Inn, thirteen fellows met under the chairmanship of John Ross and inaugurated the KINSMEN CLUB OF CALGARY.” Read More


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